Audio and Video Compilations

Audio Compilations

Compilations are a good way to market your music with little cost and time to you.

Between traveling, doing recording sessions, and interviews, there is little time for family or pleasure, let alone time to make contacts with radio stations to have your music played. It is a known fact that radio stations receive hundreds of songs per week from artists hoping to receive airplay. Obviously, it is impossible for DJ’s to listen to them all. Most DJ's will only review compilations that are sent by recognized compilation services..

Power Line Music will place your music on a CD along with other artists and send them to stations across the country. A self-addressed evaluation card will be enclosed for the DJ to state if they will add your song to their playlist as well as giving their opinion of the song. Follow up phone calls will be made to random stations asking how their listeners responded to your songs.

In the near future, our compilations will be downloadable directly from our Internet website.

What are you waiting for? Let Power Line Music help get your music played.

Video Compilations

Video compilations are becoming more popular. Instead of taping many songs and hoping to get them on the air, we will help you pick the best song with the best chance to place in our compilation. If you do not already have a song taped, we can produce and tape it for you. We will send are compilations to video DJ's across the country. We will also send evaluation cards and make follow up phone calls.

Let Power Line Multi-Media present your music to the world.

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