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Graphic Design

Not everyone has “The Touch” or the software and equipment necessary to make their own brochures, fliers, or business cards look professional.

The staff of Power Line Multi-Media has the experience and the equipment necessary to make your graphic design projects look like you have a dedicated staff of designers hidden in the back room.

From business cards to promotional material for your music group, Let Power Line Multi-Media take care of all your graphic design projects.

Some of our services include:

• Calendars
• Business Cards
• Fliers
• Brochures
• Promotional Material & More!

Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is the practice of restoring a photograph that has been damaged or affected by age. Photo restoration can be effective in removing discoloration (such as yellowing), dust, hair, scratches or tears visible on the photograph as well as blotches or spots caused by bacteria or mold.

Power Line Multi-Media does digital photo restoration using Adobe Photoshop. We will scan your photo into a computer and fix any damage to the photo and then print the restored version onto a high quality photo paper.

Other Services offered are:

• Image cropping (enlarging an area of a photo)
• Removal of unwanted elements such as tree branches
• Color swapping
• Merging of images
• Adding special effects to an image

Power Line Multi-Media can help you with any photo project you may have.

For any service not listed, contact us at: or call us at (740) 664-6012.

Prices vary based on the service and time required. Prices subject to
change without notice.

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