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Are you looking for a way to convey a message, thought or image? Maybe you just want to entertain people. Whatever you want, a TV program is one way to go. Dramatic Television, Animation, Mini-Series, Movies, Informational programs, News programs, Documentaries, and Infomercial's are just some of the types of programs available.

Power Line Multi-Media will help you with any TV idea you may have. We will help you from development to the post production stage. We will help with the distribution and marketing of your program as well.

Our experience, education, training and tools will help carry you through all four stages of production:

1. Development of the script.
2. Pre-production which includes story boards, construction of sets,
props, costumes, budgeting, and acquiring resources such as lighting, special effects, stunts, etc.
3. Production, which is the actual filming of the show or episode.
4. Post-production, which includes adding visual and digital effects.
The Musical Score and sound effects, determining scene. transitions, and assembling the completed show.

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